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Posted: 19 aprilie 2008 in Funny
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A puţoi is the possessor of a puţă . It is used either as an insult towards someone suspected of having a small penis, or a rough equivalent to „punk”, that is, an immature boy that tries to act „tough”.
Nenorocit, originally an old popular phrase, that literally translates as „unlucky”, is now used in a powerfully pejorative sense, similarly to „motherfucker” in English. It is used mostly in the vocative form „nenorocitule”.
Lăbar and labagiu are rough equivalents of jerk-off. They are used to describe a male who masturbates more often than is absolutely necessary.
Peşte, which literally means fish, colloquially refers to a pimp. The women who work for a peşte are: curvă, târfă, traseistă, botanista and muistă. Muistă & botanistă refers to a prostitute who specializes in fellatio. There is a male equivalent, muist that means „cocksucker” and generally refers to a homosexual male. Târfă also means „bitch” in some contexts.

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